Member of IFMGA / UIAGM / IVBV

Code of Ethics of NNMGA Guides

1.   A guide’s prime concern is the care and well being of his/her client for all time.

2.   A guide must always work within limitation of his/her own physical, technical and experimental state.

3.   NNMGA members are accountable for truthfully representing their NNMGA membership categories and certification levels.

4.   NNMGA members should conduct themselves in a professional manner that reflects well on the NNMGA, its members, and the mountain guiding profession.

5.   NNMGA members should be highly professional. He/She should not introduce their third party’s clients as their private clients and do not deal on personal business with third party’s clients.

6.   Observance of the code of ethics is a fundamental obligation of all NNMGA guides.