Guide Refreshment Training

Periodic refreshment training consists of single schedule on 3-5 training days. NNMGA mountain guides must have to attain the periodic refreshment training within every three years cycle to refresh their technical skills and to adopt new techniques and regulation for Mountaineering Guiding arena.  This is the mandatory provision for all NNMGA Mountain guides. Guides who do not attain the periodic refreshment training, his/her license could not be renewed.

S.N 2019 Batch 
1 Abiral Rai
2 Tenji Sherpa
3 Chhirng Sonam lama
4 Pasang Sherpa
5 Pemba Gelje Sherpa
2016 Batch
1 Mingma Gyalje Sherpa
2 Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa
3 Narendra Shahi
4 Furtemba Sherpa
5 Ang Dawa Sherpa
6 Mingma Tsiri Sherpa
7 Chhiring Sherpa
2013 Batch
1 Tenzeeng Sherpa
2 Suman Gurung
3 Gelje Sherpa
4 Chhiring Dorjee Sherpa
 2010 Batch
1 Ngawang Nima Sherpa
2 Mulal Gurung
3 Shree Maharjan