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Mountain Guide Exam is final education and evaluation system to be a certified international mountain guide (IFMGA Standard). Mountain guide exam consist of one module in winter season, giving a total of 15 training days. The program should be conducted at 4000m to 6000m of different alpine terrain. This proposed plan does not include the approach or the return from training venue. The dates of the courses are to be reconfirmed internally while, in the main, respecting the accepted dates.

Progressiveness in the training programme will allow the trainees to complete their mountain guide exam with the mountaineering module last; close to the reality of the profession. The trainee who successfully completes the final evaluation will decorate as International Mountain Guide. The eliminate trainee has to face the evaluation on respective subject (in which, he/she failed) in coming future.


Guide Exam schedule

Month:                       Feb/March

Course length:           21 days

Rest day:                  1 day every week

Location:                  Alpine peak bellow 6000m with glacier, snow, ice, rock and mixed route