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The RECCO system is a technology which helps rescuers to find victims of avalanche buriers or to search for people which got lost in the outdoors. And it helps the victims to be searchable during such accidents. It consists out of two parts, a detector and a reflector. Clothing, boots, helmets, Ortovox avalanche transceivers, and other items have a small Band-Aid-sized reflector (also referred to as a “chip”) embedded in them. The reflector is a passive gadget that requires no batteries or user input. Professional rescuers utilize a particular detector that sends out a signal that is reflected back to the detector. The range of the RECCO detector is up to 120 meters in the air, 20 meters in dry snow, 10 meters in wet snow, and 8 inches in water.

Recco trainings had been conducted quite often in recent years in Nepal. An agreement was signed between NNMGA and RECCO to conduct the trainings annually in Nepal and NNMGA to be the dealer of RECCO in Nepal. There are total six instructor who provide the training which are differentiated into three types.


• Basic RECCO Training Course – Conducted near Kathmandu.

• Operator Training Course – Conducted in Alpine zone.

• Instructor Training Course – Conducted in Alpine zone.