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Aspirant guide  training is consisting of three components   spread out over 10 mon ths, giving a total of 47 training days. This proposed plan does not include the approach or the return from training venue. It is a group   structured based training. The dates of the different components are to be reconfirmed internally while, in the main,  respecting   the accepted dates. Each component will occur in three different seasons i.e. first component in winter, second component in summer and last component in early autumn. The   first and   last   component will held in alpine terrain (Altitude   4000m – 5800m)  and second component will held in hilly region below   4000m. Each year,   the training and evaluation of components will hold on same seasons but may vary in dates.

Progressiveness in the training programme will allow the trainees to complete their aspirant guide course i.e. in each component the participant has to appear in the final evaluation. The successful completion of final evaluation will open the door of next component to respective participant. The eliminate participant, who are willing to continue the education should face the entry exam in next time.

Aspirant guide course component II (rock and theory modules)

Course length:

19 days



Day off:

1 day every week


Kathmandu/Bimal Nagar