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Pasang Kaji Sherpa is a freelance Nepalese mountain guide and sought-after expert for high-altitude filmmaking expeditions.

Pasang Kaji (a.k.a PK) is an accredited NNMGA  and UIAGM/IFMGA professional mountain guide with over 16 years of experience. He has successfully climbed and guided on the highest peaks on Earth including six ascents of Mt. Everest, K2, Cho Oyo, and Manaslu. He has advanced knowledge and experience working with high-altitude film crews in 8000m environments and Karakoram. Alongside award-winning filmmaker Elia Saikaly, Pasang has collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands including Google, UnderArmour, National Geographic Middle East, and Qatar Television.

In the mountaineering off-season, Pasang provides training for young mountaineers under the Nepal Mountaineering Association. His student’s abilities range from the most basic to advanced skill sets.

In 2016, Pasang was stationed in Syria working with the UN as a mountaineering expert consultant for the Nepalese army, instilling his skills upon others to minimize risk in the alpine environment.

Pasang has a passion for traveling, exploring new mountaineering destinations, unclimbed routes and assisting others in reaching their mountaineering goals.

In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking and photography.



Ski Course Level II

Awarded by – NNMGA/Nepal Mountain Academy

Long Line Training

Awarded by – NNMGA/SARON/ARF

Switzerland and France

Awarded by – Ski Level II Course

NOLS Wilderness Medicine

Awarded by – NOLS

Long Line

Awarded by – SARON / NNMGA / ARF

Certification of Mountain Guide

Awarded by – IFMGA UIGA NMGA
6th August, 2013 / 16th August, 2013

Mountain Leaders Training of Trainers

Awarded by – Certificate of Attendance
14th September, 2012

Aspirant Guide

Awarded by – Nepal National Mountain Guide Association (NNMGA)
7th March, 2011 / 21st March, 2011

High Mountain Rescue Training

Awarded by – Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association and Embassy of French Republic, Yves Pollet Villard Foundation of France, Nepal Mountaineering Association, & IFREMMONT of France.
12th June, 2011 / 21st July, 2011

Basic Mountaineering Training

Awarded by – Nepal Mountaineering Association
25th February, 2011 / 10th March, 2011

Rock Climbing Level 1 Course

Awarded by – Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association
7th July, 2008 – 9th July, 2008

Hill walking & Basic Mountain Navigation

Awarded by – Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association
26th Dec, 2007 / 1st January, 2008

Basic Mountain Rescue Course

Awarded by – Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association
26th Dec, 2007 / 1st January, 2008

Basic First Aid Course

Awarded by – Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association
11th Dec, 2006 – 17th Dec, 2006

Introductory Rock Climbing Course

Awarded by – Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association
4th January, 2005 – 14th February, 2005

Trekking Guide

Awarded by – Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel
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