Bhotkhola Rural Municipality -3,

Among the few IFMGA certified mountain guide (instructor) from south Asia, Mr. Tshering Pande Bhote has been an eminent personality in the mountaineering sector. Mr. Bhote was the first Nepali to acquire an International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) guide accreditation. He’s also one of the few people to hold certifications from both the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association (NZMGA) and the Nepal National Mountain Guides Association (NNMGA). Mr, Bhote initiated his mountaineering career from 1996 and has successfully guided numerous 8000ers such as Everest, Cho-oyu, Sishapangma, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Lhotse and many more.

He was one of three mountain guides sent by Simrik Air to Zermatt, Switzerland in 2012 for specific Helicopter Rescue Specialist training, and he is now a licensed Rescue Technician. He has participated in a number of long-line rescue missions and has saved countless lives. Tshering Pande Bhote (IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide and Long line helicopter rescue specialist) has strong international climbing and rescue experience and extensive knowledge of the logistics and planning that are so crucial to successful adventures in the Himalaya. Mr. Bhote is also the first RECCO instructor from Nepal. He has guiding and climbing experience in New Zealand, Norway, France, Scotland, Thailand, Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Tibet.


Name:                      Tshering Pande Bhote

Date of birth:            20-02-1978

Permanent add:       Bhotkhola Rural Municipality -3, (Farang) SankhuwaSabha province no 1.

Phone:                       +977 9841237190


Nationality:                  Nepali


  • IFMGA/NNMGA Certified Mountain Guide (Instructor)
  • Long line Helicopter rescue specialist (Instructor)
  • RECCO Instructor
  • 7Times Mt. Everest summiteer
  • 1st Bhote technique group Mt. Everest summiteer (Summit date 21st May 2001 Time 10:00)
  • 1st Long line Helicopter rescue specialist /Instructor from Nepal 8th Nov 12th Nov 2010.

Sex:                            Male


Professional qualification

  • IFMGA/ NNMGA Certified mountain guide (instructor).
  • Long line rescue specialist (instructor) First person from Nepal.
  • IFSC Certified Route setter and Judge.
  • Eighteen year of experience Trekking, mountaineering and rescue mission.
  • First RECCO instructor from Nepal.



As a IFMGA/NNMGA certified mountain guide (instructor) and “First person from Nepal ” Long line helicopter rescue specialist (Instructor).

My objective is to lead the industry in result oriented environment by providing a safe and efficient services in all modes of mountaineering, trekking and rescue missions.

Ensuring success and growth of the organization I am involved with, as well as support missions in developing remote area of Nepal.

  1. Basic mountaineering training, conducted by: NMA    year 2001
  2. Advanced mountaineering training, conducted by: NMA  year 2002
  3. Trekking Guide Training, conducted by: HMTTC year 2000
  4. Intensive first aid course, conducted by: KEEP year 2003
  5. Wilderness first aid course, conducted by: KEEP year 2003
  6. E.N.S.A mountaineering training from Chamonix, France year 2003 (conducted by French sports Ministry)
  7. Rock improver course Glenmore Lodge, Scotland year 2001
  8. National Navigation Award Scheme Gl, Scotland year 2001
  9. Rescue Training jointly organized by (Ministry of Cultural, Tourism and Civil Aviation (Nepal), N.M.A., EV-K2 CNR Committee, and Lombardy Region Alpine Guides, Italy) in Nepal, Lobuche
  10. Asuivi le stage d’alpinisme du Diplome d’asprant-guide a l’ ENSA du 10 Juillet au 9 Septembre 2003.
  11. Avalanche Awareness Training. Contacted from 23rd and 24th July 2004.
  12. Avalanche safety management stage 1. On 30th August 2004
  13. (NZMGA) climbing guide’s course stage. 1. 2004
  14. Technical mountaineering course (CMC) Alpine Guide 2004 New Zealand AGL
  15. Ski instruction course for three Days At mount Hut NZ 2004 Steve Schreiber
  16. Climbing training in France from 10th July -30th August 2005.
  17. 17. Course: Mountaineering Instructor refreshment in 2005 in Lang tang Himal region Nepal conducted by: Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).
  18. Course: Guide and Alpine mountaineering Instructor level in 2005 in Alps (France) Conducted by: Foundation Yves Pollet Villard France under supervision of Ecole National Ski and Alpinism (ENSA) professor.
  19. Aspirant Guide training 2006 Conducted by NNMGA
  20. Aspirant Guide training with clients under professor Anselme Baud 20 conducted by NNMGA
  21. IFMGA exam observer from ENSA IFMGA guide Annerquin Jean from 5th to 14th Jan 2009 conducted by NNMGA
  22. Rescue Specialist Helicopter (long line helicopter rescue) from Swiss Alpine Rescue Center at Zermatt on 8th Nov 12th Nov 2010.
  23. Rescue Specialist Helicopter Instructor (long line helicopter rescue) from Swiss Alpine Rescue Center at Zermatt on 5th Nov 12th Nov 2012.
  24. 1st IFSC route setter, judge course seminar conducted by Nepal Mountaineering Association.
  25. IFMGA, NNMGA certified mountain guide refreshment course on 18th -19th Feb 2018.
  26. General training of Trainer (GTOT) 5th – 7th Dec 2018
  27. RECCO Trainer training 21st Jan 2019.
  28. Sking level 3 at ENSA France 17th – 27th Feb 2020
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