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Establishment of the Association.

The NNMGA was established under the chairmanship of Late Iman Singh Gurung.

S.N. Name Designation Address
1 Late Iman Gurung President Laprak – 6, Gorkha, Nepal
2 Mr. Sunar Bahadur Gurung Vice President Laprak – 5, Gorkha, Nepal
3 Late Dorjee Lama Sherpa General Secretary Bhakanje, Solukhumbu, Nepal
4 Mr. Lam Babu Sherpa Secretary Bung – 9, Solukhumbu, Nepal
5 Mr. Lakpa Sherpa Treasurer Khiji Demba – 5, Okhaldhunga, Nepal
6 Late Da Gombu Sherpa CEB Member Bung – 9, Solukhumbu, Nepal
7 Mr. Padam Ghale CEB Member Sainbu, Lalitpur, Nepal
8 Mr. Ngawang Nima Sherpa CEB Member Namche – 2, Solukhumbu, Nepal
9 Mr. Gelbu Sherpa CEB Member Taksindu, Solukhumbu, Nepal

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Initiation of the development of several training modules

The NNMGA, which was founded to generate a skilled workforce in the mountaineering sector, began developing various training programs such as the Aspirant Guide Course, Snow and Avalanche Training Course, and so on.

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Commencement of First Aspirant guide course and snow & avalanche course

The applicants went through a five-week training program for the first aspirant guide course. The training began on February 1st and took place in both Kathmandu and the Langtang mountain region. Sunar Bahadur Gurung, Pemba Gyalje Sherpa, Dorje Lama Sherpa, Lakpa Sherpa, Lam Babu Sherpa, Nima Sherpa, and Dr. Guy Dupperex were among the seven training facilitators. The session was attended by eighteen people. The association also conducted three-day long snow and avalanche training in the capital city starting 24th June, 2007. Fifteen individuals from different background participated in the training. The training facilitator was Jean Coudray from France.

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Inception of Second Aspirant guide training and winter ice climbing activities

Aspirant guides received three weeks of instruction. The training took place on February 1st in both Kathmandu and the Langtang mountain region. There were total of 22 people who took part in the course. Sunar Bahadur Gurung, Pemba Gyalje Sherpa, Nima Sherpa, Lakpa Sherpa, Dorje Lama Sherpa, Lam Babu Sherpa, Anselme Boud, ENSA France Sunar Bahadur Gurung, Pemba Gyalje Sherpa, Nima Sherpa, Lakpa Sherpa, Dorje Lama Sherpa, Lam Babu Sherpa. The association also conducted winter Ice climbing activities in Kwangde and Rolwaling mountain region in February which was facilitated by all the NNMGA members.

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Initiation of mountain guide certification course

The association for the first time conducted a three-week training program of IFMGA standard in Kathmandu and the Annapurna sanctuary mountain range. It took place on the 5th of the first month of the year. The training was attended by 16 people in total. The training was facilitated by Jean Anniquin, an IFMGA official, and Sunar Bahadur Gurung.

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Aspirant guide Course

Participators of aspirant guide course received three weeks of instruction. The training was place in Kathmandu, Tanahaun’s Bimal Nagar, and the Rolwaling Mountain Region from the 19th of December 2009 to the 10th of February 2010. There were total of ten people who took part in the course and completed it satisfactorily. The training was led by five NNMGA teachers as well as two IFMGA training facilitators.

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Aspirant guide Course

The Aspirant Guide Course on practical aspects of rock craft held an entry exam (Oral test and Rock test) on the 21st and 23rd of August 2010 in Kathmandu and Kirtipur. With 14 prospective applicants, both oral and rock tests were conducted, with 8 of them successfully completing the exams and being selected for the Test on Alpine Region. From the 10th of January to the 3rd of February, all seven candidates took part in an alpine test in the Rollwaling region. The instructors from NNMGA kept a close eye on all of the candidates who took part in this training period. Finally, out of the seven candidates, five were able to pass the NNMGA examination criteria.

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Alteration of course moudule of Mountain Guide

The course module was modified in 2011. Previously, the training was completed in 47 days from the start date. However, because long days in the highlands are bad for the participants, this module was altered. Training was to be held in Rolwaling during the winter season, Bimalnagar during the summer, and ______ during the autumn season. The Mountain Guide course was systematized and supervised under the direct supervision of two IFMGA observers (Mr. Herbert Mayerhofer of Austria and Mr. Carron Claude of Switzerland), which began on February 4th and ended on February 22nd, 2011. The training took place in the Rolawaling Himalayan Region. All ten applicants who took part in the competition completed their training programs effectively and according to the IFMGA standards.

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NNMGA was granted membership by the IFMGA

The association was integrated as a member country representative of Nepal to the International Federation on May 3rd, 2012 after 7 years of continuous practice and unwavering commitment on mountain guide education formation. Historic day for all the mountain guides as twenty-four mountain guides got IFMGA certification. Pemba Gyaljen Sherpa became the president of the association.

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2012 / 2015

Transitional phase of NNMGA

NNMGA was in a period of transition from 2012 to 2015. IFMGA provided continuous oversight to ensure that the training standards were met. IFMGA supervisors from several countries traveled to Nepal to supervise the training given by NNMGA. Supervisors like Herbert Mayor Hofer (Austria), Reiner Tagliner (German), Kurt Walde, Francis Marsingi came for supervision in this phase.

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