Member of IFMGA / UIAGM / IVBV

CTEVT Assessor

We are pleased to announce that a group of IFMGA/NNMGA mountain guides who were already certified by the National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) (a subsidiary of the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training – CTEVT) at Level 4 (graduation level equivalency) have successfully completed Assessor Training for the Skill Testing Board in the mountaineering sector. Skill testing activity was initiated in Nepal in 1983 through an autonomous body called skill Testing Authority (STA), which introduced a system of occupational classification, development of skill standards, skill testing and certification based upon the guidelines of Asia and pacific Skill Development program/ International Labor Organization (APSDEP/ILO). There are four levels of skill test among which level 4 is the highest ranking. A group of five mountain guides from NNMGA participated and completed the assessor training from CTEVT. The successful assessor candidates can now conduct examination of any profession as stated by CTEVT. The five days program was place at Sano Thimi’s Training Institute for Technical Instruction (TITI). We want to thank the National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) and TITI for their essential help in putting the course together.