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The logbook is a mandatory provision for Aspirant guides. Before enrolling in Mountain Guide Course the Aspirant Guide should exercise and update the Log Book provided by NNMGA. It must be completed during the Aspirant guide practice period within Nepal only. Photos are required as evidence. The aspirant guides should fulfill all the requirements of Ice craft, rock craft, and alpine ascent. The rock and ice craft is about 1000 meters where both rock shoes and alpine shoes must be used.

The minimum ascent a climber must complete is 250 meters per day. Furthermore, the guide must ascend five different peaks on different routes. All these activities must be supervised by a certified IFMGA and NNMGA guide.

1. Ice craft:

• Days – Four
• Route length (Vertical height)- minimum of 250 meters per day with multi-pitch technique
• Type of ice: winter waterfall ice

• Grade – WI4 above

2. Rock craft:

• Days- Four
• Route length- (vertical height)- minimum 250 meters per day with multi-pitch technique
• Types of rock – Limestone, granite
• Route – bolted or non-bolted or both
• Grade- minimum 6b with rock shoes and 6a with alpine boots

3. Alpine ascent:

• Days- Six
• Peak – NMA and government peaks
• Peak elevation – minimum 6000 meters • Route- 5 different routes

4. Other activities/experiences during the Aspirant Guide practice:

  • Guiding and climbing on 6000 meters Mountain
  • Guiding and climbing on 7000 meters Mountain
  • Guiding and climbing on 8000 meters Mountain
  • Guiding and climbing overseas
  • New routes on Rock
  • Rock climbing
  • Ice climbing
  • Training
  • Rescue

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