Member of IFMGA / UIAGM / IVBV

Why hire a NNMGA guide?

There are always high risk on Climbing and mountaineering activities. Enough preparation of such activities could not be enough at mountains at right moment. Our guides are highly experienced and well trained for such activities with whom you can trust for safety and security and quality service aspects. Our guides are really cop-up and used to with the local environment, culture, custom and religion. Even they are highly experienced on high altitude environment which leads them to accomplish the mission with high rate of Safety with enough required services. They always follow the ethical practice on saving the nature, obedient to their profession and their clients with full of typical Nepalese hospitality. Our guides not only lead their troops to the top but also provide enough mountaineering skills, tips and education as required on the site or on the base of condition analysis of their clients.